Special Delivery: 65,415 Signatures in Opposition to SB 5

YouTube – March 29 Hagan on SB5 Process.dv.

Tension was high in the SB 5 committee hearing today.  Several of our members marched into the meeting holding boxes filled with tens of thousands of signatures from hardworking Ohioans opposed to the passage of SB 5, which would effectively eliminate collective bargaining rights for Ohio’s public workers.  If Republicans still haven’t picked-up on Ohioans’ oh-so “subtle” clues that they’re just not liking this bill, it’s likely that nothing, not even the special-delivery of over 65,000 signatures in opposition to its passage, will get this message accross. 

Representative Uecker, chairman of the committee, ordered the boxes  to be removed from the room moments after their arrival.  Dollies were rolled in one-by-one as Representative Robert F. Hagan (D-Youngtown) challenged the decision to remove the signatures.  He asked the Chairman if he would, at the very least, promise to look over the documents.

“I will make no such promises,” was Rep. Uecker’s Response.

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