The Truth Will Set You Free

And the truth gives us a better insight into what’s going on at the Statehouse.

PolitiFact Ohio, an independent journalism site run by and, gives State Rep. Matt Lundy (D-Elyria) a rating of TRUE for recent comments he made on how the House GOP is trying to sweeten the deal for selling the state’s prisons.

Here is what Rep. Lundy said at a news conference May 2, 2011, “The substitute budget now adds in tax breaks and tax deductions for those who buy these prisons.”

Here is what Politifact Ohio says about that, “Lundy is correct that the substitute budget includes tax breaks and tax deductions for those who buy the prisons. There would be no sales tax on the purchase and there are other exclusions for income and commercial taxes.”

At his news conference, Rep. Lundy called the sale “the Deal of the Century” for private prison companies but a “raw deal” for Ohio taxpayers. He called the Governor’s plan a “yard sale” of the state’s assets.

“This yard sale is so bad for Ohio that it should have a new word to describe what this is really all about – ‘profitization’ to ‘profitize’ not privatization or privatizing.  Once ‘profit’ becomes the motive, taxpayers, specifically Ohio taxpayers will lose,” Rep. Lundy said.

You can read more about Politifact’s rating of TRUE for Rep. Lundy’s comments on their website:

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