Speaker Batchelder: Liar, Liar

The independent fact checking group Politifact says House Speaker Bill Batchelder is a liar when he claims the Ohio Consumers Counsel has 74 lawyers on staff. The real number: 14.

The Consumers Counsel is in the GOP cross hairs right now. The Governor and House R’s want to drastically cut their funding and severely restrict the OCC’s ability to fight for lower utility rates on your behalf.

The money they want cutting from the budget does not come from taxpayers but instead is funded through a levy on utility companies. So connect the dots and see whose money the GOP really wants to save.

Republicans love to talk about big government, so it’s no surprise Rep. Batchelder would try to make the point that the agency is bloated. But when Politifact checked his claim of “74 lawyers,” they found him to be a liar, liar, with his pants on fire (their words, not mine!).

Check it out…click here for the full story.


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