Minority Leader Budish Says Redistricting Compromise “will lead to necessary long-term reform”

Minority Leader Armond Budish (D-08-Beachwood)

Ohio House Democratic Leader Armond Budish (D-Beachwood) released the following statement after the Ohio House voted to re-unite Ohio’s primaries and end the redistricting standoff:

“We have worked diligently to try and re-unite the primaries and ensure Ohioans have more of a voice across the state in picking their representatives. I am proud that today my colleagues took the difficult but necessary vote to save taxpayers $15 million, reduce voter confusion, and take the first step towards long-term reform,” Leader Budish said. “This fight has forced a meaningful debate about the process in which maps are crafted and I am hopeful that this compromise will lead to the necessary long-term reform Ohioans deserve.”


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