Leader Budish Pleased CTU and Mayor Jackson Have Reached an Agreement on the Cleveland Schools Plan

Ohio House Democratic Leader Armond Budish released the following statement in support of the announcement today that Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson and the Cleveland Teachers Union have reached an agreement on the Cleveland Schools Plan.

“I’m very pleased that Mayor Frank Jackson and Cleveland Teachers Union President David Quolke have reached a cooperative and historic agreement after weeks of meaningful dialogue.   This revised plan promises to improve educational opportunities for Cleveland’s children, especially those in the poorest performing schools. 
“Equally important, this compromise respects our teachers who selflessly and tirelessly devote themselves to educating our children.  The agreement reached today reinforces the crucial role played by our teachers and maintains the basic right to collective bargaining.   
“Bringing both sides of this discussion together to develop a cooperative plan has been my goal from the outset of this process.  Both Mayor Jackson and David Quolke deserve credit for their patience, courage and leadership throughout these last several weeks.  With this cooperative agreement in place, I look forward to not only supporting this legislation but also joining on as a co-sponsor.”


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