Rep. Cera Highlights Important Veterans’ Legislation in Honor of Memorial Day

State Representative Jack Cera (D-Bellaire) announced today the passage of two pieces of legislation in the Ohio House of Representatives that acknowledges our veterans. 

First, HB 459 declares Ohio as a “Purple Heart State”.   This proposal honors combat wounded veterans for their service and sacrifice in the line of duty.  The bill makes Ohio the first state to acknowledge our veterans in this way.

The Purple Heart is a military medal awarded by the President to those wounded or killed while serving their country during a designated conflict.  It cannot be earned by courage or by exceptional service or achievement. The Purple Heart represents either a combat death or a combat wound.  As with other military awards, subsequent awards of the Purple Heart are designated by the addition of one oak leaf cluster for each additional award.

“We have many individuals who are called to duty and who serve our country and all should be honored for their patriotism. Recipients of the Purple Heart receive such an honor by sacrifice…..the actual blood that was shed in defense of liberty,” said Rep. Cera. “It is fitting that we acknowledge such heroes by being the first state to declare that we are a “Purple Heart State.”

Representative Cera went on to say that the Ohio House passed House Concurrent Resolution 43. This resolution urges Congress to appropriate the necessary funds for the telemedical diagnosis and treatment of traumatic brain injury in military service members and veterans at US Department of Veterans Affairs medical facilities.

A traumatic brain injury can lead to the temporary or permanent impairment of the patient’s cognitive, behavioral, or physical functions.  The US has reported 233,000 members of the US military have suffered traumatic brain injuries since the year 2000 and many others may remain undiagnosed.

Sadly, many medical facilities in the Department of Veterans Affairs lack the resources to provide sufficient access to physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist to members in the military.  The installation of state of the art video teleconference systems in 200 Department of Veterans’ Affairs medical facilities will afford military service members and veterans with timely and cost-effective access to physical medicine and rehab specialists necessary in their recovery.

According to Representative Cera, the video teleconference equipment, medicine, and rehab specialists provided by The Operation Resurrection Program is necessary in diagnosing and treating traumatic brain injury in military members injured in the line of duty. 

“Ohio saw fit to encourage Congress to do all it can in allocating the necessary funds for the Operation Resurrection Program to help military personnel and their families address traumatic brain injuries. This is a necessary step in helping our soldiers recover,” said Rep. Cera.

Rep. Cera, is a co-sponsor of both proposals.



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