Leader Budish and Rep. Williams Statement on Secretary Husted’s Decision to Cancel Early Voting on Weekends

Ohio House Democratic Leader Armond Budish (D- Beachwood) and State Rep. Sandra Williams (D- Cleveland) released the following joint statement in response to Secretary Husted’s press conference announcing he will issue a directive canceling early voting during weekend hours. At least 21 counties have weekend early voting hours that will be cancelled, while nearly every urban county has also been denied extended early voting hours in tie-breaking decisions cast by Secretary Husted.

“Voting is one of the most basic rights of our democracy, yet sadly this right has been under constant attack by Republicans out for partisan gain.  In prior elections, thousands of Ohioans have taken advantage of early voting hours and Secretary Husted’s directive works against hardworking Ohioans who have difficulty taking time off from their jobs, making it harder for them to exercise their right to vote.  We are disappointed in the Secretary’s decision to carry out deceptive tactics being used across the nation to disenfranchise minorities, senior citizens, students, and lower income voters in this crucial election year.

“We encourage all of those who may have difficulty getting out to vote without these crucial weekend hours to vote absentee, and ensure their voice is heard.”


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