State Rep. Alicia Reece Outraged Over Voter Intimidation Billboards

State Representative Alicia Reece (D-Cincinnati), David Singleton, Executive Director of the Ohio Justice and Policy Center, President of the Cincinnati Baptist Ministers Conference, Rev. Doc Foster, Rev. Nelson Pierce with the AMOS project, along with other Hamilton County clergy held a press conference today asking for voter intimidation billboards in Hamilton County and throughout Ohio to be taken down. The billboards warn, “VOTER FRAUD IS A FELONY!,” when there is little to no evidence that voter fraud is a widespread problem in Ohio. The ads have been allowed to run anonymously throughout the state, claimed only by a private family foundation.

“We are asking the Outdoor Advertising Association of Ohio to work with the anonymous sponsors of the billboards to have them removed immediately. It’s obvious that the billboards are designed to intimidate voters and leave some wondering if merely voting is now a crime.”

The billboards have been strategically placed in African American and low-income neighborhoods.

“It’s sad that we have to fight against voter intimidation billboards when voters are already struggling to understand the ever changing election law directives from our Secretary of State. Maybe it would be more productive to have billboards announcing early voting hours,” added Rep. Reece.


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