House Passes New School Grading System, But What Grade Does Gov. Kasich Deserve?: Gov. Kasich Deserves an “F” for Record on Education, says Rep. Lundy

As the Ohio House rushed to pass House Bill 555 today, which creates a new school grading system, State Rep. Matt Lundy (D- Elyria) gave Gov. Kasich an “F” for his record on education.

“While we can all agree that improving education standards is important but, by rushing to do pass this bill, Gov. Kasich is setting our children up for failure and in the end parents will give the Governor an ‘F.’ Ramming House Bill 555 through the legislature only compounds the problem of too many curriculum and school performance changes without adequate time or constitutional funding,” said Rep. Lundy. 

192 schools had levies on the ballot during this past election, after Gov. Kasich’s budget slashed $2 billion in education funding. While school districts across the state are facing a combined school-funding deficit of over $1.79 billion in fiscal year 2014, the requirements continue to change as funding uncertainty looms.

“Lately the news has been all about Washington and the fiscal cliff, but right here in Ohio Gov. Kasich is driving education off a cliff,” said Rep. Lundy.  “Gov. Kasich’s budget has already forced 192 schools districts to ask for tax increases. Before we cause more damage to schools and communities, we should wait until a new funding formula has been outlined and we know how education funding will be impacted before we change the rules of the road for schools.”

House Bill 30 dismantled education reforms set in place by Democrats taking apart key provisions like all-day kindergarten, and it removed the Evidence Based Model for education, returning us to an unconstitutional funding system that is overly reliant on property taxes. Two years later Gov. Kasich has still failed to introduce his own school funding plan.


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