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Rep. Pillich Urges Congress to Pass Veterans Jobs Corps Act

State Rep. Connie Pillich (D-Montgomery) announced she will introduce a House Resolution urging Congress to immediately pass the Veterans Jobs Corps Act.  This week, the bill was blocked in the U.S. Senate by Republicans.

The Veterans Jobs Corps Act would create new job training programs to help veterans utilize their military skills and find work in targeted fields, including police and firefighting, historic preservation, and national park conservation.  This bill was fully paid for and did not initiate any new spending.

“As the men and women who have proudly served this nation return home, it is our duty to make sure they can find good paying secure jobs,” said Rep. Pillich.  “There is a lot of talk about how important job creation is but there has been little action.  Now is the time to act.  The Veterans Jobs Corps Act will work to ensure our veterans can make a living and provide for their families once they return home.”

Veterans have been disproportionately affected by the recession in recent years.  The rate of unemployment for veterans has often drastically outpaced civilians.  In some segments, veterans’ unemployment rate reached 48 percent. In August, the unemployment rate for Iraq and Afghanistan- era veterans was 10.9 percent.



Budish: Frack Tax should be Reviewed, Schools shouldn’t be Shortchanged

In response to Gov. John Kasich’s renewed push to increase the severance tax on oil and gas companies, House Democratic Leader Armond Budish released the following statement:

“Gov. Kasich’s proposal to modestly increase the severance tax on oil and gas companies is a step in the right direction.  But we should be protecting local property taxpayers and prioritizing our communities, not passing more tax cuts that disproportionately benefit wealthy Ohioans. 

“Ohio has one of the lowest severance tax rates in the country so reviewing those rates only makes sense as large oil and gas companies attempt to capitalize on Ohio’s natural resources.  On this, I agree with Gov. Kasich and frankly I can’t understand why House Republicans have stood in the way.

“Instead of protecting the oil and gas industry with one of the lowest tax rates in the country, we should be finding ways to prioritize our communities and protect local property taxpayers. The fallout from last year’s budget is just beginning.  In next month’s special election alone, 35 communities will be seeking local property tax increases.

“Furthermore, the impact of this new industry is going to add significant costs for local communities and this proposal does very little to address this. There’s also serious concern about protecting against environmental risk.  As of 2011, Ohio had only 30 field inspectors to inspect 64,481 wells. Adding a few more will help but our overall regulatory capacity is still limited.

“I truly believe that our state is only as strong as our local communities.  Going forward, we must prioritize Ohio communities and protect local property taxpayers.  I agree with Gov. Kasich, we should determine a fair frack tax rate, but we shouldn’t shortchange our schools and local communities along the way.”


Members of Ohio House Democratic Women’s Caucus Urges Congress to Pass Paycheck Fairness Act

State Rep. Nancy Garland, Chair of the Women’s Caucus and other members of The Ohio House Women’s Democratic Caucus announced they will soon be introducing a resolution to urge Congress to take immediate action on the Paycheck Fairness Act.

“Throughout our history women have fought hard to achieve equality in education, voting rights and employment.  Our progress has not come easy and although we have made substantial gains, discrimination persists,” said Rep. Garland.

The Paycheck Fairness Act was originally introduced by Democratic Senator Barbra Mikulski of Maryland along with several other co-sponsors.  The legislation seeks to strengthen enforcement of regulations against sexual discrimination with regards to pay.  The bill amends sections of the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 and requires employers to use qualifications such as education, training, and work experience to determine pay grades.

Rep. Garland added, “The facts are clear, women are disproportionately paid less than their male counterparts and this discrepancy is unfair.  Equality among all citizens is a fundamental aspect of a strong democratic society.  This is pure common sense; we must act now and do what we can to end discrimination in all forms.”

Women in the United States currently make 77 cents for every dollar a man makes for the same job.  This legislation, if enacted by Congress, would allow women to seek punitive damages if evidence is found of broad differences between the compensation of male and female workers at a company.  This bill would also bar companies from retaliation against women who seek to find out if there is pay disparities between them and their male counterparts.

The legislation was blocked along party lines from passing the Senate on June 5th.  It is possible that the bill could be reintroduced at a later time.



Democrats Announce Jobs Bills while Republicans Attack Women’s Rights

Ohio House Democratic Leader Armond Budish (D-Beachwood) released the following statement after the passage of House Concurrent Resolution 35, which urges the President of the United States to direct the Secretary of Health and Human Services to rescind the rule requiring religious employers to include contraceptive services in health insurance plans.

“While Republicans continue with their divisive partisan priorities that would limit access to contraception, Democrats are fighting to put working and middle class families first.  Today, at the very same time that the House Health Committee was taking up this politically charged resolution, Democrats announced several common sense initiatives to protect Ohio jobs. Ohioans need good paying jobs, but Republicans have once again demonstrated that there is no end in sight to their extreme radical and divisive social agenda.
“Democratic members of the House announced three new jobs bills, expanding on our recently announced legislative priorities. These bills the Buy Ohio, Hire Ohio and Keep Jobs in Ohio Act will work to support and protect Ohio jobs. They will prevent state funds—tax dollars—from being used to outsource jobs, they will work to create and maintain Ohio jobs and will give preference to Ohio based companies.  I urge my colleagues in the majority to stop the political pandering and start focusing on the real issues—like putting Ohioans back to work.”

House Dems Fight to Support and Protect Middle Class Ohioans’ Jobs

State Reps. Denise Driehaus (D- Cincinnati), Connie Pillich (D-Montgomery), Roland Winburn (D- Harrison Township) and Kenny Yuko (D-Richmond Heights) held a press conference today building upon House Democrats’ Compact with the Middle Class and recently introduced legislative priorities for 2012 focused on jobs, communities, rights and opportunities for all Ohioans.  The bills discussed today include Buy Ohio, Hire Ohio and the Keep Jobs in Ohio Act that will work to support and protect Ohio jobs. 

“Rep. Pillich and I recently introduced our Hire Ohio legislation that would limit outsourcing for state funded projects,” said Rep. Driehaus. “By doing so we will encourage projects to be located in Ohio, utilizing Ohio workers, and create new jobs that will work to rebuild communities and strengthen working and middle class families.”

House Bill 342 will define the requirements that companies must meet in order to be considered for any contracts within the state which would privatize state property, facilities, services or functions.  Requirements will include (1) The entity with which the agreement is to be made is located and has its principle place of business in the State of Ohio, (2) The agreement does not result in the transfer of jobs or other employment opportunities to a location outside of Ohio, and (3) Any privatization agreement the state or a state agency enters into that does not meet the requirements of this section is void.

“This legislation will work to ensure private companies do not take state tax dollars and resources and then fire Ohio citizens in order to outsource good jobs to companies outside our state and national borders.  These are jobs which Ohioans are able and willing to perform, and should be given the chance to do just that,” said Rep. Pillich.

House Bill 403, or the Keep Jobs in Ohio Act, would require all labor and services performed under or effected by any contract paid for with state funds be performed in the United States.  This legislation will ensure state tax dollars are used to create state jobs and to stabilize the state tax base by prohibiting Ohio from contracting with or providing economic development assistance to companies that ship service work offshore.

“The bill will strengthen our position in America’s 21st century economy while providing well-paying, stable employment for Ohio’s middle class, and it will ensure hard working Ohioans aren’t seeing their tax dollars used to ship their own jobs overseas,” said Rep. Yuko.  “In order to keep our recovery moving forward, we need effective policies that ensure Ohio’s place at the top of the manufacturing sector.  For this reason, Rep. Hagan, in conjunction with myself and other House Democrats, has introduced House Bill 403, the Keep Jobs in Ohio Act.”

“Our tax dollars should be putting Ohioans back to work, and as legislators we must work to ensure that we are investing right back into our local economies and not handing state funds over to out-of-state or overseas companies,” said Rep. Winburn.

Rep. Winburn will soon be introducing the “Buy Ohio” Job Creation or Retention Preference bill.  This legislation will strengthen current “Buy Ohio” provisions which give preference to Ohio businesses selling products or services that will create or retain Ohio Jobs.  The bill specifies that when the lowest responsive and responsible bid is an out-of-state bidder, an Ohio bid that demonstrates that the contract will create or retain Ohio jobs shall be selected if the Ohio bid is not greater than 10 percent of the lowest out-of-state bid.

House Democrats Respond to State of the State Address







House Democrats responded to the Governor’s State of the State address given in Steubenville on Tuesday afternoon.

Leader Armond Budish (D-Beachwood):

“While unemployment is at its lowest rate since January 2009, Gov. Kasich’s attempts to take credit for rescuing the economy are farcical.  He stood up and spoke out against policies such as protecting the auto industry, which saved over 8,000 manufacturing jobs in Ohio alone.  Almost all jobs created in 2011 were created in the first six months, before the governor’s policies took effect. During the last six months, the state actually lost jobs and many people have stopped looking for work but are still unemployed. And I encourage him to remember, Ohio’s unemployment rate dropped two full percentage points from 10. 6 percent to 8.6 percent before his policies even took effect.”

Rep. Theresa Fedor (D-Toledo):

“The issue of de-funding public education was not even addressed.  Funding charter and voucher schools only exacerbates a problem of under-funded public schools that then have to resort to levies.  Charter and voucher schools are not the right way to go.  Governor Kasich’s budget cut over $2.8 billion in state aid to schools and to date, nothing has been done to remedy Ohio’s unconstitutional method of school funding.”

Rep. Alicia Reece (D-Cincinnati):

“Unfortunately, Governor Kasich’s State of the State did not address the many tough issues my constituents face every day, such as how to keep their homes and pay their utility bills, funding for education, and how to reduce barriers to gainful employment. Governor Kasich did highlight the need for bipartisan cooperation; therefore, I stand willing and ready to work with his administration on the issues that affect the middle class and working poor in my district.”

Rep. Matt Lundy (D-Elyria):

“It’s important that this governor recognize that public education must always be tied to economic development. Sadly, our schools continue to suffer because he promotes an agenda to essentially privatize public education by expanding vouchers. Right now his actions speak louder than his words.”

House Democrats Outline 2012 Priorities to Strengthen Middle Class

Ohio House Democratic Leader Armond Budish and members of the House Democratic Caucus at a press conference announcing their legislative agenda for 2012. They will focus on jobs, communities, rights and opportunities to help Ohioans restore the American Dream.

Ohio House Democrats announced the beginning of their legislative agenda for 2012 to strengthen working and middle class families.  The priorities build upon the Compact with the Middle Class announced last year and focus specifically on four categories – jobs, communities, rights and opportunities.

“While Statehouse Republicans continue their overreaching partisan priorities, House Democrats are committed to common-sense solutions that put working and middle class families first,” said House Minority Leader Armond Budish (D-Beachwood).  “We will place a renewed focus this year on creating jobs, rebuilding Ohio communities, protecting the rights of Ohioans and improving education and workforce training opportunities.”

The legislative initiatives are a mix of new proposals and several bills that have already been introduced by House Democrats. The new bills include a Local Government Jobs Fund, a Community Foreclosure Protection Fund, a Voter’s Bill of Rights and the Ohioans Back to Work Program.  House Democrats will be introducing additional legislation in the coming weeks focused on putting working and middle class families first. 

“For the last year, Statehouse Republicans have been turning over state assets to private companies and giving away state tax dollars to special interest friends,” said Minority Whip Tracy Heard.  “Instead of leaving behind working families and hurting local communities, our priorities will help Ohioans restore the American Dream. 

Creating jobs continues to be a top priority for House Democrats.  The Community Jobs Protection Fund will help communities return cops and firefighters to the streets by dedicating every new dollar of state revenue back to local communities.  House Democrats have also developed the JobsOhio Accountability Act to ensure oversight and accountability of taxpayer dollars going to companies seeking state support. 

“Rather than balancing the budget on the backs of local communities and taking away workers’ rights, women’s rights and voters’ rights, our priorities will restore some balance in Ohio between Republican special interests and middle class families,” said Assistant Minority Leader Matt Szollosi (D-Oregon). 

Additionally, House Democrats have also proposed a new Ohio Voter’s Bill of Rights, improvements to help workers and new protections for healthcare patients against rate increases and claim denials. Greater protections for education funding are addressed through increased accountability measures and a new workforce training program has also been proposed.

“These priorities represent a continuation of our efforts to stand up for working and middle class families throughout Ohio,” said State Rep. Debbie Phillips. 

An outline of the House Democratic priorities is listed below.  Additional bills focused on jobs, communities, rights and opportunities will be introduced in the coming weeks.

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